The Next Time We See These Buildings. . .

The next time we see these beautiful buildings it will be from the ground at Kailash Home! In a little less than a week the HYF team will be heading to Nepal to celebrate the grand opening of the new Social and Study Pavilions.  We’re so incredibly excited to celebrate this momentous occasion with the children and our friends from around the world.  

We wish each of you was traveling with us, but you don’t have to miss out of all of the events of the trip! You can follow along and share in this adventure through our social media channels and right here on the Letters From Kailash blog.

One of the easiest (and quickest) ways you can support HYF and the children of Kailash Home is to follow, comment, and share our news and posts.  Your interactions with the official HYF channels helps boost the reach of the Foundation and serves a critical role in expanding the footprint of HYF both online and in the real world.  

We can’t do it without you, so please take a moment to ensure that you are following and subscribed to all of our different channels.

 (Included below is a quick refresher on how to find and follow each of the pages/accounts.)


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