The Trip of a Lifetime

Good Morning HYF friends! ☀️

It’s currently a little after 5:00am Florida time, and this update is coming to you from almost 12,000 feet above Slovakia. In about five hours (or so) the HYF team will arrive in Doha, Qatar on the first leg of our trip to Nepal and Kailash Home!

A quick selfie before our 14 hour flight! (L to R) HYF President Micheline Kramer with HYF Staffers Danita & Simone

We’re so excited to share this journey with all of you around the world, so I’ll be updating the blog (and our other social media channels) as much as possible over the next two weeks.

So what can you expect over the next 15 days? Short blog posts filled with photos (and videos if the internet cooperates) from me – Simone, HYF Social Media Director & unofficial trip tour guide – as well as all the beautiful views, fun facts, and trivia we can squeeze in each day. This is the perfect chance to learn a little more about HYF and the work that your support makes possible! You’ll get to experience Nepal, Kailash, and our amazing Kailash Kids right along with me, and since it’s my first ever visit to Nepal I’m looking forward to sharing all my real-time reactions and thoughts as we go!

I think that’s about it for now. Time to try and catch another quick nap — anyone have good tips for sleeping on planes?? 😴 We’ll be back shortly with some adventures from our couple of days exploring all Doha has to offer, and then it’s off to Kathmandu!

Talk soon,

Simone ❤️


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