Welcome to Kailash!

After our busy morning of touristing, it would have been easy to settle in for a nice long nap, but the prospect of finally seeing Kailash and our #KailashKids was more than enough of a caffeine boost.

After a rather stuffy van ride (click here to contribute to funds for a new van for Kailash Home 🚐 ) we arrived at one of the three local schools where children from Kailash are enrolled. I don’t really need to say much about this visit — I think the photos and videos speak pretty clearly. ❤️

I work with children back home in the US, but something about the sweet smiles, silly faces, and unanticipated hugs of these youngsters was especially heartwarming, and a strong reminder of just why the work HYF is doing matters so so much.

In the end, these children are just like their counterparts back in the US — they love to make silly faces for the camera, they want approval from their teachers when they write their alphabet correctly, and they need an abundance of love and attention to thrive and flourish.

This was also a special moment for a few of our US Sponsors as they were finally able to meet in person the children from Kailash who they’ve been sponsoring and corresponding with for months (or in some cases years!). Witnessing a few of these sweet introductions isn’t something I’ll forget soon. 🥰

After our school visits, it was a quick jaunt up to Kailash Home, and I think I speak for everyone — even the other first time visitors — when I say that it really did feel like coming home!

If you’re newer to Himalayan Youth Foundation, first of all, welcome!

Secondly, I’d love to give you a quick introduction to HYF and our flagship project, Kailash Home. Working with partners around the world, including in the United Kingdom, Andorra, and of course here in Nepal, HYF provides funding and leadership for Kailash. The residential campus, located just outside Kathmandu, is home to approximately 100 children each year. Every child is individually sponsored, and most arrive around age 6 and stay through high school education.

While Kailash isn’t an orphanage, some of our #KailashKids are parentless, some have one or two living parents, and all of them come from challenging circumstances beyond their control. The shared goal of HYF and our partners is to provide a safe, loving, and supportive home and education for each and every child at Kailash. To learn more about HYF and to get involved CLICK HERE.

After arriving at Kailash, we had a walking tour of the campus, including the new buildings *more on those in a few days!* and then it was time for one of my favorite things about any visit to Kailash! Gift giving! 🎁

Many of our US Sponsors, both on the trip and back home in the states, had gifts and letters for their children, and witnessing the joy that these packages bring is a special treat. Before long the courtyard was ringing with happy voices as the children shared their treats and played with new toys.

Our time at Kailash also included plenty of photos, videos, selfies, and countless smiles!

While we could have happily spent hours longer at Kailash, our visit was over before I knew it. I’m so glad that we’ll be back in a few days for the official inauguration of the new buildings!

Until next time ❤️ Simone

UP NEXT: All Around Kathmandu


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