Inside Lockdown in Nepal…

A letter from our partners at Kailash Home in Nepal where 27 of our #KailashKids remain on campus during a nationwide lockdown due to the global spread of COVID-19.

Namaste and greetings from all of us!

As we pass through these challenging times, we thought it important to keep our supporters and well-wishers informed of how we, at Kailash Home, are faring in this part of the world.

Early in February we were already grappling with the information that the virus was spreading around, initially in China, and then shortly after throughout the rest of the world as well, but daily life continued much as usual then, and our children in school were getting ready to give their final exams of the term.  Still we took an early, proactive approach to prepare as best we could in case someday we would have to deal with the pandemic and a lockdown, and that preparation has helped us so much as we today find ourselves under just such a lockdown.  At Kailash, we have prepared and stocked enough fuel and rations/supplies to last for about three months.

As part of our initial preparations, we also then distributed face mask and provided sanitizers to our children. We organized an informational workshop regarding what the virus is and how it spreads.  We promoted cleanliness and encouraged frequent hand washing.  All these efforts helped keep our children safe both before and today as we head into the second week of countrywide lockdown in Nepal. 

Following their exams and before the lockdown began, those children whose families are able to take care of them in home villages were allowed to return home.  We now have just 27 children still residing at Kailash Home. They are happy indulging in a different routine and are enjoying more time to do other creative things. Our resident staff have been organizing and leading a variety of different activities like Bingo games, dance sessions, exercise, gardening, and basketball matches.  The children are also allotted time to learn and study subjects of their choice online. The new social pavilion which opened last year is proving to be an even greater blessing as it provides additional spaces for the children to pursue their joy of reading and playing indoor games.

Nepal is remains relatively safe and the number of reported cases of positive Covid patients is still low.  Though the virus is already present here in Nepal, we feel that precautions like lockdowns and the cancelations of so many flights has kept some countries safe.  Still Nepal is a small developing country, and the authorities are taking strict measures to stop any escalation.

We share this positive video update from Tsomo at Kailash Home, who sends her hope and prayers to all of our loved ones around the world as we face such unprecedented times. We have faith that humanity will triumph, and we will overcome this virus together soon. Please stay safe, and we will share updates again soon! 

With best regards,

Yunadu Gurung – President, Himalayan Youth Foundation


Tenzing Wangdu – Vice-President, Himalayan Youth Foundation


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